Monday, February 18, 2008

Few and Far Between...

Today is a glorious day! Is it the best day of my life? No! But a glorious day it remains. There is nothing special about it...just that it's here. Even with my slight headache, for which I'm contemplating some serious over-the-counters for, it's nice.

I've heard it said that "Bowling Green is the happiest town on earth." Is that true? I don't know. Is it a pretty happy town? For me it is. We should have moved months ago. For four years, I've had at least a half-hour drive to work, with the last year being an entire hour each way. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have ditched that commute.

But it's not only the drive, it's the people. We've been going to Westminster Bible Church on Wednesday nights for several we get to participate a lot more. And what a family we have found in them! While I miss my friends in Muhlenberg, I've been blessed with many more here.

Here's to life...

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